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Stag Hair Care
 Maria Santa Cruz-Owner

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9351 W. State St. #2

Stag is locally and Independently owned shop.



 Maria Santa Cruz-Cernik~

A Message from Stag's Owner

When experience, consistency, dedication and passion in what you do, shows through your work, especially in the service industry such as mine, you truly get what you pay. In my case, my philosophy about doing hair is like a work of ART. Everyone sitting in my chair is like a New Fresh Canvas. And as I make my way around the head, I chisel, deflect and chisel some more, til the shape is conformed with the structure of your face and your hair moves in it's natural state, making it pleasing to the style you desire. 

But, what I get and what they pay for isn't as gratifying as the smile on a customers face and the bounce to their step. Knowing that I had something to do with their outlook in life and the confidence they carried when leaving my shop, is worth it's weight in Gold. 


My Prices are commensurate to how much hair you have plus the work and time. A set price for all categories is not conducive, so it varies from head to head. I am quick and swift with my tools and some may feel cheated of the less time I had to take. But I am efficient, deligent, attentive to the map of your hair so it will flow without hardship. After 36 years, I never met a head of hair I couldn't cut. I know my way around it very well.

My Haircuts keep, long before you think you'll need another appointment. That in itself saves you money. My prices may or may not be competitive, I keep them on the lower end, but I leave it up to you to decide what it's really worth in the end. But, I have a base price and I don't expect much. Your gratitude and continued loyatly is priceless.  But the value of a haircut can't be known until you actually get a good haircut. One you will be able to see the difference when I am finished.

As the saying goes~

What's the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut? 3 weeks.

That my friends, is not a good anything. My haircut will keep looking good the day you got it, up to 4 weeks till your next haircut! 

Passion: What you do for your Livlihood shouldn't be work. But when you do love what you do, it's never considered work.